Saturday, January 12, 2019

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Tales of The Scandalous Wench.

A chronicle of the adventures of the crew of The Scandalous Wench, a Gaea Prime Trader.

Captained by Desmond "Diz" Aster, a former member of Gaea Prime's Star Marines, turned owner and ship's master of a trading vessel -

The ship's 1st mate is Pippa "Pipsqueak" Gruene, a Scrunt who was the former security chief of the Trader Stardancer -

The ship's security officer is Vrrulgh, a Lycaon from the planet Vaalbara, located in the 5th ring -

The ship's engineers mate is Tarkis Broode, formerly of the Stardancer -

Currently, The Scandalous Wench has a crew opening for a cargo handler.